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Self-confidence fuels success, resilience, and healthier relationships, empowering you to conquer challenges and achieve your goals with conviction.


At Victory Martial Arts, our empowerment begins as our students learn discipline and self-control to succeed in life.

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When You Need Self-Defense, Nothing Else Will Do. Nothing. We teach reality-based Self-Defense, not theory.

Benefits of focus

Discover balance and mental focus through martial arts training. Let us guide you in navigating life’s distractions with skill and resilience.


For Adults

For Children


Empower Kickboxing

Summer Camp

Reviews for Victory Martial Arts in McDonough

Love seeing my son learning self-defense from people who seem to truly care about children. Highly recommend the Victory Martial Arts to anyone who has kids and wants to put them in martial arts.

David Batista


My daughter has been taking karate lessons since she was five and she is now eight. Her face lights up because she loves it so much. She’s determined to become a black belt and even open her own dojo.

Massiel Fassino

My daughter loves this school. She makes us leave the house early so she can arrive early for pre-warm-up and often stays after her class is over so she can watch the next class. Very impressive.

Natasha Oliver

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Martial Arts for Children


At Victory Martial Arts , we focus on children’s physical and mental development.

Our classes enhance coordination, confidence, strength, and flexibility while instilling focus, self-control, and discipline.

With proven martial arts techniques and safety education, we guide kids toward responsible decision-making and personal safety.

Our students learn essential martial arts techniques like blocking, punching, kicking, and self-defense.

Importantly, they also understand when and how to apply these skills responsibly, emphasizing respect and self-control.

Children are like sponges. It’s what they’re soaking in that matters. They seek guidance and will get it from whatever options are available. 

That’s why Victory Martial Arts
 is so helpful for kids in Orlando.

We use the excitement of the martial arts to gain your child’s attention and focus them on healthy decisions including how to recognize, avoid, and defend against threats from the web to the playground.

The Victory Martial Arts for children provides a stable, nurturing, learning environment for young students.

Martial Arts for Adults


From novices to seasoned martial artists, our black belt instructors at Victory Martial Arts support you on your journey to excellence.

Our adult classes offer a nurturing atmosphere for mental and physical growth, fostering positivity and progress.

Get a full-body workout, boost confidence, learn self-defense, and enjoy camaraderie with friends.

Martial Arts Summer Camp


If you want to send your child back to school with more confidence and the ability to protect him or herself then the Victory Martial Arts Summer Camp is for your family.

Each day, our staff keeps things organized, fun, and exciting to keep the kids safe without sacrificing what they love best…HAVE FUN!

Learning self-defense instills unshakable self-confidence that will help your child to succeed in life.

We include martial arts, field trips to the park, bowling alley, bounce house and more. 

So, if you want your child to be patient, forward-thinking, and skilled to stay safe, our program is for you.

If you just want a babysitter, we are not the camp for you.

martial arts summer camp

Martial Arts After-School Program


Our After-School Martial Arts program is not baby sitting service.

It’s a martial arts based program that teaches children how to set goals and achieve them along with proven martial arts skills.

Our After-School Martial Arts program gives parents peace of mind in knowing their child is safe, learning important skills, and having fun.

At our after-school program, students get more than martial arts training.

They also can play soccer, and dodgeball, watch movies, play games, do homework or just socialize with their friends.

We pick up your child straight from school and take them to our martial arts studio — a welcoming space where they can learn something new while they have fun at the same time.

Parents appreciate the level of care at our after-school program. All kids are picked up by staff in our own vehicles.

Martial Arts for Pre-Schoolers


Our preschool program is specially designed for little ones aged 4-6.

The parents of our students want the best for their children. They want them to have the skills needed to succeed in life.

Our program helps preschoolers develop self-control and coordination.

The curriculum is designed to help kids learn how to listen,  focus and make healthy choices while learning self-defense and martial arts.


Two Classes to try our school out.

Get started...

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My three kids and I have gone to Victory Martial Arts for many years. I have been to this school constantly for the last 8 years and have only the highest ratings for Master Mike and how the school is run.

Bruce Humphrey

Thanks to Victory Martial Arts,  our kids are better behaved, get better grades and are much more confident.

-- Jonathan Kent

Your Questions Answered

When it comes to teaching, we want to be crystal clear in eceeding your expectations.

Does My Child Need To Know Martial Arts?

No experience is necessary. Our camp is open to all experience levels! Campers will have a blast learning the mental and physical benefits of training through various games and activities.

What Do You Do In Camp?
Camp is open to students ages 4 to 12. Our campers have a blast gaining confidence as they learn martial arts skills, break boards, and train in bully awareness, self-defense and LEADERSHIP skills.
No martial arts experience is necessary. Camp is coed – boys and girls love martial arts! Students are indoors, in a safe environment.
We do not leave the facility. Your child is safe and supervised by our instructors and camp counselors.
Each camp day includes hours of activities from exercise to games, team-building activities, & more. Each day includes a 1 – 1.5 hour lesson that focuses on a different theme. 
  • Monday = Basic techniques, self-defense, & drills
  • Tuesday = Advanced techniques, self-defense, & drills
  • Wednesday = Weapons training
  • Thursday = Bully Defense
  • Friday = Board Breaking
What Are Camp Dates?

We start in the first week of June. Contact us for specific dates.


What Are Camp Hours?

Drop Off: Between 9:15 And 9:30Am.

Pick Up: For Half Day Camp Is Between 12:00 And 12:45Pm.

Pick Up: For Full Day Camp Is Between 3:00 And 4:00Pm.

We Offer After Care Until 5:30Pm For An Additional Charge Per Day.

How Much Does Camp Cost?

Register before March 1, with the code “EARLYBIRD” for $25 off our weekly rate PLUS two martial arts lessons!

Discount only applies to WEEKLY rate, discounts may not be combined. Register for weeks separately to get a discount on more than 1 week. 


What Is The Age Range?

Children age 6 to 12.

What Should I Bring To Camp?

Campers should bring a bag lunch with plenty of snacks and drinks. A refillable water bottle is recommended. (We have temporarily eliminated the use of drinking fountains.

We have a water bottle refill station on-site). Campers will have morning snack time, lunchtime, and afternoon snack time.

Campers should wear comfortable play clothes (t-shirts and sweatpants or gym shorts). This is a very active camp!

Does My Child Need To Know Martial Arts?

No experience is necessary. Our camp is open to all experience levels! Campers will have a blast learning the mental and physical benefits of training through various games and activities.

Do You Teach Martial Arts Every Day?

Yes. We have one 45-minute class Monday – Friday

Are You Open When School Is Closed?

Yes. We offer one-day or weekly camps when schools close. We are closed on National holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas etc…

What Ages Do You Accept?

We accept children from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Do I Need To Buy A Uniform?

No uniform is required. Children can wear their belt, black sweat pants and a school t-shirt.

Do I Need To Purchase Sparring Equipment?

Sparring equipment is required for the safety of your children. Though our sparring is light contact, we always put safety first.

Are You A Licensed Daycare Center?

We operate under the “come and go” policy as outlined in our County Child Care Facilities Ordinance.

We are not a daycare center. Our mission is to teach martial arts, fitness, and life skills.

My Child Is Shy And Introverted.

If there is any common success story from our martial arts program it’s students and parents telling us how we helped their child to “come out of his/her shell.”

We have specific drills and exercises that are effective for helping students take small steps toward a more confident presence.

My Child Has A Short Attention Span.

We understand that keeping attention can be a real challenge with this age group.

That’s why our program is fast-moving and engaging for the children.

Our instructors are also experts at helping children to re-focus in class until it becomes natural to the child.

My Child Is Not Very Active And Never Liked Sports Before.

We often think of the mental disciplines of martial arts but the physical disciplines are just as important and emphasized just as much.

Recognizing and resisting urges to act out are central to the discipline of making sure a student is not abusing the training.

That includes developing the self-control to resist urges.

My Child Is Constantly Fighting With His Sister. Are We Putting Her At Risk?

The responsible use of martial arts for good rather than harm is central to everything we teach.

Parents of our martial arts students are consistently impressed with how our training helps to mature the children in different ways and temper control is one of them.

Much of that has to do with a heightened self-awareness to recognize when things are “heating up” and how to de-escalate.”

My Child Has A History Of Quitting New Activities.

When you enroll your child into our school to help with self-discipline, it’s crucial that you work with the instructors to set clear expectations.

This starts with your child clearly understanding that the first discipline is to come to class twice a week and practice two non-class days.

To help you with that the child psychologists in the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association’s Certification program suggest you be aware of what activity the child is engaged in right before getting ready for class.

If they are playing their favorite game and having fun, they will be more resistant to stopping to go to class than if they were doing something that may not be as fun, like homework.

How Much Are Lessons?

Our tuition varies with the program you choose for your child.

We offer a 2-class trial lesson course so that you can see how your child likes the program and then we will go over all of the options for you.

What we do

Safety and Security

Our after-school and summer camp facility is a clean and safe environment for your child. Our instructors are trained not just to look out for the safety and security of our kids, but also to keep our facility spotless and clean.


From free time to learning time, our schedule has been developed through the years to keep kids engaged and active throughout the day. We also include a rest period so children can take a nap, read a book or just relax quietly.

Life Skills Training

Kids will learn about decision-making and actually do roleplays that will increase their confidence when faced with an uncomfortable situation like dealing with bullies. We’ll teach them situational awareness so they can recognize and avoid bad cirumcstances.

We Are a No Bully Zone

In our facility, bullying isn’t tolerated. We actually host seminars with national bullying experts to teach our families what bullying is and how to prevent it.

What We Do NOT do

We Don't Baby Sit

Our business is NOT the supervision or babysitting business. We teach kids martial arts and mentor children, building discipline, respect, instilling character, manners, and life skills, exercise, and self-defense.

We Do Not Compromise on Safety

Nothing is more important to you and to us than the safety of your child. Our instructors are screened and trained to always place safety first.

No Foul Language

We want kids to develop confidence and character. Words matter and we help the kids understand that through lessons and example.



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